Martin Bellezza Nera 000-ECHF Eric Clapton

    Martin Bellezza Nera 000-ECHF Eric Clapton
    Excellent condition.
    This is the best sounding and easiest to play guitar that I have ever had the pleasure to touch, never mind own.
    The Bellezza Nera is an investment guitar in the true sense.
    It is personally signed by Eric Clapton, Hiroshi Fujiwara, Dick Boak and C F Martin. The case (included) is the original C F Martin Geib style designer case, all black including the interior and external catches. The case is in excellent condition.
    The thing about Martin's Limited Edition guitars, is that they are made to a an exceptionally high standard.The Bellezza Nera must be the best out of the 000 series of Martins, with the possible exception of the Brazilian or Madagascar models. I would love to see a back-to-back comparison along those lines - there is a strong chance that the Bellezza Nera would come out on top.
    Condition - this Bellezza Nera is in immaculate condition, with the exception of the following minor issues. I will list all defects erring on the side of exaggeration, so that I can be sure no-one is disappointed. My Bellezza Nera has one small ding on the back. (In my defence, it had this when I bought it.) This could easily be rectified by a competent finisher, but I prefer to leave it. There are no other dings or significant defects to the finish. Otherwise, the guitar is immaculate, and has a beautiful shiny black gloss, with Herringbone bindings, and snowflake position markers on the ebony fingerboard. The frets are perfect. This is certainly the best looking guitar I have owned, as well as the best-playing and best-sounding. I particularly like the stunning headstock inlay. It is in excellent condition throughout. The action is low and buzz-free. There is no pick-up fitted (I hate them), and no front strap pin, so it is exactly as it came out of the factory in these respects. The strings fitted are C F Martin "Clapton's Choice" 12-54.

    The guitar is no 281 out of a limited edition of 476.

    Please look out for other guitars which I will be listing shortly.

    Location: Worcester, England

    Price £8000

    Exchange possible

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